a)To establish and maintain orphanage for the relief of the poor.

b) To conduct free Swayamwaras for speech and hearing impaired (Deaf & Dumb)

c) To conduct free marriage for speech and hearing impaired/physical handicapped persons who are poor and needy irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

d)To establish and maintain modern educational, Cultural and Training Institutions like Schools, Colleges, Industrial. Technical and Educational Training Institutes, for the advancement of knowledge and income-generating skills.

e) To extend assistance, financial or otherwise to the needy deserving students, individuals and organizations.

f) To maintain, run and assist in the provision of mid-day meals, poor feeding and distribute food, clothing and the like, free of cost or at concessional rules and at the time of national calamities.

g) To promote international welfare and understanding with India or outside India.

h) To do any other work of similar nature aforesaid for the advancement of the poor and needy.

i) To start speech and hearing institute, institute for mentally retarded, orphanages, old age homes, etc., irrespective of caste, creed and nationality.