At Swayamwaraa Trust, we have made it our life’s mission to work towards the upliftment of the speech and hearing impaired. To begin with since, 2001 we have passionately organized a unique, one of a kind of matrimonial for the speech and hearing impaired girls and boys.

In common seeking alliance to girl in normal and middle class family is the height of trouble and responsibility. In case of hearing impaired girls it is entirely different. In case, the girl is very rich or beautiful boys will fall for money or beauty. But, in course of time communication between a hearing impaired girl and normally spoken man will break basically due to miscommunication after the spending of the money or enjoying the beautiful girl.

Then we started planning to get married a hearing impaired girl to choose a hearing impaired boy only on her choice. To begin with it was successful during 2001 and continued as annual program till 2012 and it will keep continuing. In this process in total 2400 hearing impaired girls got married to 2400 hearing impaired boys for 12 years. And, they have 950 normal spoken children by grace of God. Very before the commencement of this program by us there were hearing impaired ladies at the age of 45 years and above were remain un married. But now hardly any hearing impaired girls above 25 years remain unmarried.

We have ambition to offer poor married couples children to educated and provide them self employment schemes for their better reasonably comfort life. But,all this need huge money.