During 2001 there was a kannada film released named "AK 47" in which C. N. Vijayaraj acted in an opening scene. During the same time hearing impaired invited C. N. Vijayraj as Chief Guest for their International Women's Day function. In the function, he was surprised by the activities of hearing impaired and he became very emotional and decided help this community. During the interaction with them, he came to know that most of them are not able to get married due to various reasons and they were deprived of the ways to interact with the society. He took these 2 concerns into account and started arranging Swayamwaraa on 27th May 2001 for a trial just for a day and there was a very good response. Then he thought that 1 day is not enough to choose a spouse and to know more about their family background. Hence the function is now held for 3 days, first 2 days for selection of spouses and last day for marriage. Year over year the response is increasing highly and more number of couples are getting married through Swayamwaraa Trust..

Mr. C.N.Vijayraj has received numerous awards for his great services to the society. Few of them are:

  • Times of India declared C.N. Vijayraj as uncommon hero of India on 25th Dec 2005
  • State Award from Director Disabled Department for the best service to hearing impaired on 3rd Dec 2006
  • Best award for service rendered to hearing impaired students on 26th Jan 2007
  • Award by Bharat Social Service organization for the matrimonial service rendered in past 8 years on 25th Dec 2008

  • Mr.C.N.Vijayraj with his family