About Us

For 10 years now, we have been listening to those who cannot hear and have been the voice of those who cannot speak. Of all the good that people do toward those who are less fortunate, one particular segment tends to be overlooked - the speech and hearing impaired.

At Swayamwara Trust, we have made it our life’s mission to work towards the upliftment of the speech and hearing impaired. Since 2001, we have passionately organized a unique, one of a kind matrimonial for the speech and hearing impaired every year. Up until 2009, a total of 1500 girls and 1500 boys have been married in elaborate ceremonies organized by us in the spirit of the ancient system of Swayamwaraa, wherein the individual chose a partner out of her own volition.

Our annual mass marriage forum for the speech and hearing impaired has a uniquely human element associated with it; couples choose each other despite the conventional norms of society that binds us by race, caste, creed and religion. Couples marry inter caste, inter religion and beyond class of society. Just for this, it makes the work that Swayamwaraa does a one of a kind platform that celebrates humanity.

The Trust also actively works towards supporting the speech and hearing impaired in other areas such as helping them gain a dignified livelihood, and assistance at bring them at par with society by empowering them through education with a special college dedicated for them. Ours is only exclusive PUC college in Karnataka. We encourage students from remote village to educate them. We assist in funding the education of poor hearing impaired children and children born for hearing impaired couples. We have trained hearing impaired persons in beauty course, denture making, floral decoration and other many things such to lead their life independently. We help them in family counseling, attending courts for legal problems and hospitals for interpret their problem to doctors and legal persons. The Trust found employment for more than 1000 hearing impaired persons. The Trust also represents their needs with the government and actively takes up their causes to continually improve their quality of life. And many many such things.

We understand that today’s fast paced world, people may have the inclination, but not necessarily the time on hand to reach out and support the causes they feel for. To be able to support genuine causes with financial and other assistance is in itself a noble act. For this we remain eternally grateful for the many patrons who have supported us through thick and thin to make our efforts to be more successful.